Material Selection & Comparison Guide

Types of Technical Ceramics “Advanced ceramics”, “technical ceramics”, and “engineered ceramics” are all terms that encompass a subset of ceramics that offer high-performance mechanical, thermal, and/or electrical properties. Their highly specialized properties make them desirable for very specific applications that involve extreme temperatures, high voltages, or high friction/compressive loads. The vast majority of these materials

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About Technical Ceramics

What are Precicsion Ceramics? Ceramics are Changing the World Advanced Precicsion ceramics are frequently being used to replace metals, polymers, and refractory materials in a wide variety of applications due to their notable high temperature capability, hardness, and electrical properties. By altering the chemical formulation or manufacturing processes, their properties can be tailored to

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Ceramic Processing

Ceramic Machining & Grinding Machining most precision (Advanced) ceramics is a difficult task due to its incredible hardness and high brittleness. In order to continuously produce high quality ceramic parts at reasonable cost, you must have the right machining tools, in-depth material knowledge and correct ceramic manufacturing design. Great Ceramic has many years of

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