Silicon Nitride(Si3N4)

Silicon nitride has the most versatile combination of mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of any technical ceramic material. It is a high performance technical ceramic that is extremely hard and has exceptional thermal shock and impact resistance.

Si3N4 Ceramic Uses

The low thermal conductivity and high wear resistance of Si3N4 ceramics make it an excellent material that can withstand the most demanding requirements in industrial applications. When high temperature and high load capacity are required, Si3N4 ceramics is also an excellent choice.

Silicon Nitride Company

Great Ceramic has many years of experience in Si3N4 ceramics processing, and can provide Si3N4 ceramics raw materials, ceramic processing and molding services.

Si3N4 Ceramic Properties

  • Si3N4 Content: >99%
  • Density: 3.12~3.22 (g/cm³)
  • Vickers Hardness(HV50): 14(Gpa)
  • Maximum Temperature: 1200(℃)
  • Thermal Conductivity @ 20°C: >15 (W/mK)
  • Dielectric Strength: >10(KV/mm)
  • Volume Resistivity @ 20°C : >1012(Ω.cm)