Black Alumina Ceramic Substrate

Black alumina ceramics, like traditional alumina ceramics, have excellent properties such as good insulation performance, small expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, good light shielding, wear resistance, and low dielectric loss. These substrates are widely used in semiconductor integrated circuits and electronic product packaging due to their high photosensitivity and strong light-shielding properties.

Black Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Machining

Great Ceramic provides a variety of alumina ceramic substrates of different purity, which have the characteristics of superior comprehensive performance, good thickness uniformity, and high density. Various shapes can be customized according to customer needs through machining, grinding, polishing, laser cutting and other processes, and surface metallization can be performed.

Properties of Black Alumina Ceramic

Black alumina ceramic substrates offer several advantages over traditional alumina ceramics, such as:

  • Strong shading properties
  • Improved electrical insulation
  • Better thermal conductivity
  • Enhanced mechanical strength
  • Higher chemical durability
  • Superior dimensional stability

Black Aluminum Oxide Performance Parameters

Item Test Conditions Unit Test Results Test Standards
Color Black Q/GTT002
Density g/cm3 ≥3.60 GB/T14619-2013
Water absorption % 0 GB/T14619-2013
Vickers Hardness Load 4.9N GPa ≥11 GB/T14619-2013
Flexural Strength Distance 80mm MPa ≥270 Q/GTT002
Thermal Expansion 200℃ 1×10-6/C-1 6~6.8 GB/T14619-2013
500℃ 1×10-6/C-1 6.9~7.2 GB/T14619-2013
800℃ 1×10-6/C-1 7.6~8 GB/T14619-2013
Thermal Conductivity 25℃ W/(m.k) 11~17 GB/T14619-2013
Dielectric Strength KV/mm ≥15 GB/T14619-2013
Volume resistivity 25℃ Ω.cm ≥1013 GB/T14619-2013
300℃ Ω.cm ≥108 GB/T14619-2013
500℃ Ω.cm ≥106 GB/T14619-2013
Dielectric Constant 1MHz 8~10 GB/T14619-2013
Dielectric loss 1MHz 3×10-4 GB/T14619-2013
Hermal Shock 250-260℃ No chipping Q/GTT002
Surface roughness Ra um <0.8 Needle Roughness Meter

Note: Each batch may be different, for reference only.

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Applications of Black Alumina Ceramic Substrates

Black alumina ceramic substrates are primarily used in semiconductor integrated circuits and electronic products. This is mainly due to the high light sensitivity of most electronic products. Packaging materials need to have strong shading properties to ensure the clarity of the digital display. It is packaged on a black alumina ceramic substrate.

Professional Black Alumina Ceramics Company

Great Ceramic is a leading supplier of high quality alumina products and solutions. Drawing on our extensive expertise in materials science and manufacturing processes, we provide customized ceramic components to meet our customers’ specific needs.

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