Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrate

Aluminum nitride ceramic substrates have high thermal conductivity, low dielectric coefficient and dielectric loss, and excellent mechanical properties, making them one of the most ideal choices for electronic applications. It is widely used in information communications, LED packaging, semiconductors, power modules (IGBT), image sensing, new energy, electronic appliances and other fields.

ALN Substrate Manufacturing Company

Great Ceramic offers aluminum nitride ceramic substrates produced by tape casting. The shape and size can be customized according to customer needs, the surface can also be polished, or various shapes can be customized through laser cutting and other processes, and are suitable for various metallization processes.

Properties of AlN Ceramic Substrate

Basic properties of ceramic substrates

Items Unit AlN-170 AlN-200 AlN-230
Color Gray/Beige Gray/Beige Gray/Beige
Volume density g/cm³ 3.3 3.3 3.3
Surface roughness um(Ra) <0.8 <0.8 <0.8
Camber length ‰ ≤3 ≤3 ≤3

Mechanical properties of substrate

Items Unit AlN-170 AlN-200 AlN-230
Bending Strength MPa ≥400 ≥350 ≥300
Fracture Toughness MPa·m1/2 3.0 2.6 2.4
Vickers Hardness GPa 11 11 11

Thermal properties of the substrate

Items Unit AlN-170 AlN-200 AlN-230
Thermal conductivity W/m·k(25℃) ≥170 ≥195 ≥225
Thermal expansion coefficient ×10-6/k (20℃~800℃) 4~6 4~6 4~6
Thermal shock resistance ≥10(800℃) No cracks No cracks No cracks
Heat capacity J/(kg·k) 720 720 720

Electrical properties of the substrate

Items Unit AlN-170 AlN-200 AlN-230
Volume resistance Ω·cm(20℃) ≥1014 ≥1013 ≥1013
Dielectric constant 1MHz 9.0 8.7 8.5
Dielectric loss 1MHz 4×10-4 4×10-4 4×10-4
Dielectric strength KV/mm ≥15 ≥15 ≥15

Note: Each batch may be different, for reference only.

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Aluminum nitride substrate manufacturing workshop

Dimensions Of Ceramic Substrate

Great Ceramic offers a variety of standardized sizes of aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic to meet customer needs. In addition, we also provide customers with customized services for ceramic substrates, and the size of the substrate can be customized according to customer needs.

Thickness 50.8×50.8 114.3×114.3 120×120 140×190 254×254 300×300

Advantages of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates

  1. Conduct strict quality control from raw materials to finished products to ensure uniform quality;
  2. Provide customized processing services, including size adjustment, surface polishing, laser cutting, etc. according to needs;
  3. Widely used in ceramic metallization, such as DPC (direct copper plating method), thin film sputtering method, DBC (direct copper plating method), AMB (active copper brazing method), thick film printing, etc.;
  4. The minimum thickness can reach 0.1 mm.