Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Disc

Aluminum nitride ceramic discs have high thermal conductivity, low dielectric coefficient and dielectric loss, and excellent mechanical properties. They are widely used in semiconductor equipment, electric vehicles, charging piles, IGBT modules, energy storage batteries, LED and laser equipment, Radiators, high-power devices and other fields.

ALN Disc Manufacturing Company

Great Ceramic offers aluminum nitride (ALN) ceramic discs that are die cast (or isostatically pressed) in a mold. It has good electrical insulation properties, can withstand large instantaneous current shocks, has high mechanical strength, is non-toxic and harmless, etc. The size of the disc can be customized according to customer needs, with a maximum diameter of 450 mm and a maximum thickness of 20 mm.

Properties of AlN Ceramic Disc

Basic properties of ceramic disc

Items Unit AlN Disc
Color Gray/Beige
Volume density g/cm³ 3.25
Surface roughness um(Ra) <0.8
Camber length ‰ ≤2.5

Mechanical properties of disc

Items Unit AlN Disc
Bending Strength MPa ≥350
Fracture Toughness MPa·m1/2 3.0
Vickers Hardness GPa 11

Thermal properties of the disc

Items Unit AlN Disc
Thermal conductivity W/m·k(25℃) ≥170
Thermal expansion coefficient ×10-6/k (20℃~800℃) 4~6
Thermal shock resistance ≥10(800℃) No cracks
Heat capacity J/(kg·k) 720

Electrical properties of the disc

Items Unit AlN Disc
Volume resistance Ω·cm(20℃) 1.5×1013
Dielectric constant 1MHz 10.6
Dielectric loss 1MHz 4.6×10-4
Dielectric strength KV/mm ≥20

Note: Each batch may be different, for reference only.

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Advantages Of Aluminum Nitride Discs

From the scanning electron microscope pictures, the grain size of the aluminum nitride disk is uniform, and there is no obvious phenomenon of larger grains. It can achieve uniform heat distribution without causing temperature differences.

Dimensions Of Ceramic Disc

Great Ceramic offers aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic discs in a variety of standardized sizes to meet customer needs. In addition, we also provide customers with disc customization services, and the size can be customized according to customer needs.

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