Aluminum nitride ceramic insulating substrate

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Aluminum nitride ceramic insulating substrate

  • Shape and size can be customized according to requirements
  • The thermal conductivity is higher than 150 W / m · K, which is more than 5 times of that of Al2O3
  • The coefficient of thermal expansion (4.5 × 10-6 ℃) matches that of silicon (3.5~4 × 10-6 ℃)
  • Various electrical properties (dielectric constant, dielectric loss, bulk resistivity, dielectric strength) are excellent
  • It has good mechanical properties and can be sintered under normal pressure


Aluminum nitride

If high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation are required, aluminum nitride (AlN) is an excellent material, making it an ideal material for thermal management and electrical applications. In addition, aluminum nitride is a common alternative to beryllium oxide (BeO) in the semiconductor industry because it is not hazardous to health during processing.

Aluminum nitride can be stabilized up to 2200 ℃. The strength at room temperature is high, and the strength decreases slowly with the increase of temperature. It has good thermal conductivity and small coefficient of thermal expansion, so it is a good thermal shock resistant material. It is an ideal crucible material for melting and casting pure iron, aluminum or aluminum alloy. Aluminum nitride is also an electrical insulator with good dielectric properties. It is also promising to be used as electrical components.


The thermal conductivity is high (more than 150W / m · K), close to BeO and SiC, more than 5 times of that of Al2O3;
The thermal expansion coefficient (4.5 × 10-6 ℃) matches that of Si (3.5-4 × 10-6 ℃) and GaAs (6 × 10-6 ℃);
Various electrical properties (dielectric constant, dielectric loss, bulk resistivity, dielectric strength) are excellent;
The mechanical properties are good, the flexural strength is higher than that of Al2O3 and BeO ceramics, and can be sintered under normal pressure;
It can be made by tape casting. It is a promising substrate and packaging material for high power integrated circuits.


Great Ceramic has rich experience in milling, grinding and polishing precision (Advanced) ceramics and firing ceramics, which enables us to achieve:

  • Shape and size can be customized according to requirements;
  • According to the needs of processing surface, thread, groove, through hole and other structures;
  • The shape accuracy of square shaped products can reach ± 0.05 mm generally, and ± 0.01 mm at the most precise;
  • The dimensional accuracy of tubular products can reach ± 0.05mm in general and ± 0.01mm in the most precise case;
  • The dimensional accuracy of the internal groove and round hole is generally about ± 0.05 mm, and the position accuracy is within 0.1 mm;
  • Please contact us for other details of the structure.

All tolerances can be improved upon depending on the size, shape & geometry of the precision ceramic part. Great Ceramic is dedicated to ensuring we make only the highest quality parts that meet or exceed our customers specifications.

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