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Beryllium Oxide(BeO) Ceramics-High Thermal Conductivity

About Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Ceramics Beryllium oxide ceramics are ceramics with beryllium oxide (BeO) as the main component. Mainly used as materials for large-scale integrated circuit substrates, high-power gas laser tubes, heat sink shells of transistors, microwave output windows and neutron moderators. The melting point of beryllium oxide is 2530-2570°C and the theoretical density

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Boron Nitride(BN) Ceramic Parameter

About Boron Nitride(BN) Ceramics Boron nitride crystal belongs to the hexagonal system, the structure is similar to graphite, and there are many similarities in performance, so it is also called "white graphite". It has good heat resistance, thermal stability, thermal conductivity, high-temperature dielectric strength, and is an ideal heat dissipation material and high-temperature insulating

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Introduction to Engineering Ceramics

What Are Engineering Ceramics? Engineering ceramics, also known as advanced ceramics, precision ceramics, high-tech ceramics, etc., refer to the use of high-purity, ultra-fine synthetic or selected inorganic compounds as raw materials, with excellent mechanical, sound, light, thermal, electrical, biological and other characteristics Ceramics. Engineering ceramics are different from traditional ceramics in terms of raw

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Aluminum Nitride(ALN) Ceramic Properties

About Aluminum Nitride (ALN) Ceramic Aluminum nitride (AlN) has high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, which makes it can be used in various electronic equipment. The aluminum nitride thermal conductivity is >170W / (M.K), which is 5-8 times higher than that of alumina ceramics. Therefore, AlN Ceramics have good thermal shock resistance and can

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Silicon Nitride Ceramic-Excellent thermal shock resistance

About Silicon Nitride Ceramics Silicon nitride (Si3N4) is a high melting point ceramic material with extremely high hardness and chemical inertness. Especially hot-pressed silicon nitride is one of the hardest materials in the world. Silicon Nitride has the most versatile combination of mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of any technical ceramic material. It is

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Zirconia Ceramics-Ceramics With Higher Toughness

About Zirconia Ceramics Zirconia generally refers to zirconium dioxide with a chemical formula of ZrO2. It is the main oxide of zirconium. It is usually white, odorless and tasteless crystals, and is hardly soluble in water, hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid. Unlike traditional ceramics, which tend to harden and become brittle, zirconia has

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About Alumina Ceramic-Performance and Production

About Alumina Ceramics Alumina ceramics is the most common advanced ceramic material, and it is also a relatively traditional ceramic material. As an excellent ceramic material, high-purity alumina ceramics has been widely used in many industries. The material has excellent properties in terms of electrical insulation, high thermal conductivity, high chemical resistance, good wear

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Material Selection & Comparison Guide

Types of Technical Ceramics “Advanced ceramics”, “technical ceramics”, and “engineered ceramics” are all terms that encompass a subset of ceramics that offer high-performance mechanical, thermal, and/or electrical properties. Their highly specialized properties make them desirable for very specific applications that involve extreme temperatures, high voltages, or high friction/compressive loads. The vast majority of these materials

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About Technical Ceramics

What are Precicsion Ceramics? Ceramics are Changing the World Advanced Precicsion ceramics are frequently being used to replace metals, polymers, and refractory materials in a wide variety of applications due to their notable high temperature capability, hardness, and electrical properties. By altering the chemical formulation or manufacturing processes, their properties can be tailored to

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Ceramic Processing

Ceramic Machining & Grinding Machining most precision (Advanced) ceramics is a difficult task due to its incredible hardness and high brittleness. In order to continuously produce high quality ceramic parts at reasonable cost, you must have the right machining tools, in-depth material knowledge and correct ceramic manufacturing design. Great Ceramic has many years of

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