Silicon Carbide Ceramics (SIC) Seal Ring

  • Can be customized according to requirements;
  • Can make very complex structures;
  • It can be used at 1400 ℃;
  • High hardness, very wear-resistant;
  • High corrosion resistance;

Advantages Of Silicon Carbide(SIC) Ceramics Seal Ring

The Silicon Carbide Ceramics Seal Ring is made of silicon carbide powder mixed with sintering additives and sintered in an inert atmosphere of 2000-2200 degrees. It has good thermal shock resistance, high heat conductivity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and other properties.

SIC Ceramics Seal Ring Use

The silicon carbide ceramic seal ring can be divided into shaft seal, hole seal, dust seal, guide ring, fixed seal and rotary seal according to its different functions. The silicon carbide sealing ring is mainly used for oil, water, corrosion and gas sealing to prevent leakage.

The silicon carbide movable ring seal ring uses the same seal ring as the static seal ring to prevent leakage in the gap between the driven ring and the shaft of the medium, and to make the movable ring have a certain floatability, so as to ensure a good fit between the movable ring and the static ring. When the seal face is worn, the movable ring can move axially.

Benefits Of Using Silicon Carbide Ceramic Seal Rings

Silicon carbide seal rings are widely used in mechanical seals, with high chemical corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and good self lubrication. In addition, the silicon carbide seal ring has the advantages of good thermal shock resistance and light weight. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, navigation, automobile and many other fields. Especially in chemical production enterprises, chemical pumps that are used more often need ceramic seals with high acid and alkaline resistance.

Manufacturer Of Silicon Carbide Ceramic Seal Ring

Great Ceramic has been engaged in precision technical ceramics for many years, and has rich experience in milling, grinding and polishing silicon carbide(SIC) ceramics. We can:

  • Customized ceramic products according to requirements;
  • Manufacturing very complex ceramic products;
  • Achieve high dimensional accuracy;
  • Fast response and delivery;
  • Provide more professional services.

Great Ceramic can improve all tolerances according to the size and structure of precision advanced ceramic products. Great Ceramic is committed to ensuring that we only produce the highest quality precision ceramic parts that meet or exceed customer specifications.

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Packing and Shipping 

The silicon carbide ceramic seal rings of Great Ceramic will be packed with cartons and foam cotton before shipment to minimize damage during storage and transportation and keep the product quality in its original state.