Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3)

Aluminum oxide, also known as alumina, is one of the most common precision engineering ceramics. It has extremely high hardness, high temperature resistance, and insulation, so it is widely used in various types of highly precise equipment.

Aluminum Oxide Uses

Alumina ceramics have low thermal expansion, making them suitable materials for furnaces in the form of crucibles, tubes and sheaths; they have high hardness and good wear resistance, making them suitable materials for ball valves, piston pumps and other tools; It can also be easily combined with metals and other ceramic materials using brazing techniques and metallization methods.

Alumina Company

Great Ceramic has many years of experience in alumina ceramic processing, and can provide alumina ceramic raw materials, ceramic processing, ceramic mold forming, ceramic surface metalization and other services.

Al2O3 Ceramic Properties

  • Alumina Content: 95%-99.8%
  • Density: 3.7-3.92(g/cm³)
  • Vickers Hardness(HV50): 15.7(Gpa)
  • MaximumTemperature: 1650(℃)
  • Thermal Conductivity @ 20°C: 27.5(W/mK)
  • Dielectric Strength: >10(KV/mm)
  • Volume Resistivity @ 20°C : >1014(Ω.cm)